Examples Of Private Investigator Cases

Have you ever wondered what a Private Investigator actually does day-to-day? Chances are your mind instantly jumps to the likes of Veronica Mars, Magnum P.I. and Sherlock Holmes. Perhaps even James Bond?

Unfortunately, the real work of a Private Investigator isn’t quite as glamorous as it’s shown to be on TV or in the movies. However, the work that the team at Howard Agency do for their clients is no less important.

Here are 5 real-world examples of cases that Howard Agency Private Investigators have worked on (and will continue to in the future).

  • Background Checks – prevent costly mistakes and protect what (and who) matters most to you

Probably one of the most well-known types of investigations, a background check can help offer peace of mind and prevent costly mistakes – this can vary greatly from hiring an individual who may have criminal convictions, and those who have ‘embellished’ their list of qualifications. 

At Howard Agency, our highly skilled team can ensure you have the full background on any potential business partners, employees or tenants to protect your business interest.

A background check isn’t always a professional matter, they can be on a much more personal note. We can help worried individuals and parents to check on partners before commitments are entered into. 

This type of check is designed to give peace of mind to anyone hiring an individual within the home, such as a caregiver, cleaner or babysitter, and ensure that your family is kept safe.

From criminal records, through to contact and address details, information specific to the relationship can be checked and verified.

  • Status Reports – get the full picture before you make a decision

You might not be certain that you need the services of a Private Investigator, and wondering where (and who) you can turn to next. In cases like this, a status report, otherwise sometimes referred to as a status check, is the best next step.

You might want to see the full picture before you take any action against a debtor, enter into a business relationship, or take action against a partner.

We can help by providing current and historical financial information on any company or private individual before any wheels are set in motion, allowing you to make a more informed decision.

  • Corporate Investigations – protect your business from outside influences

If you’re a business owner, how do you go about protecting yourself from your competition? What’s more, how do you ensure that your own employees are following correct policies, government regulations, and legal requirements?

A corporate investigation, otherwise known as a corporate compliance check, can help to provide you with clarity on any area that you might have concerns about. 

At Howard Agency, our investigators will aim to dispel or confirm your suspicions. We have experience of conducting discreet enquiries that produce definitive results.

  • Due Diligence – preparation, plan, research

You wouldn’t make a big decision such as booking a holiday or buying a car or a house, without doing your research. The same principle stands for business transactions also.

A due diligence investigation is much more in-depth than a background check, involving examination of a business’ financial position, along with other important elements. 

We will make all the appropriate checks to ensure due diligence is completed for planned acquisitions or mergers. The financial position and other important elements of a business will be examined and can be compared to declared information on contracts and pre-agreement documents.

  • Tracing – cutting-edge technology to find who you’re looking for

Finding someone can be a daunting task. That’s why we use a combination of traditional investigative methods and cutting-edge technology to trace people.

By combining office based research with credit database investigations and using our national network of agents, we can achieve successful results for our clients.

Whether you want to locate debtors, trace someone as part of a legal process, reconnect with family or friends or locate beneficiaries, we can provide bespoke tracing services.

First, we’ll establish your needs and requirements. We’ll gather as much detail as possible about the person or persons in question, and then set out an agreed process and timeframe for the tracing service. Once everything is agreed, we’ll get to work.

Whatever your situation, our highly skilled team will use all available resources, handle your investigation discreetly and appropriately and keep you informed at every stage.

  • Surveillance – discreet intelligence with definitive conclusions

Surveillance services are a key element of many investigations and Howard Agency has over 25 years of experience in carrying out successful surveillance operations across the UK and overseas.

The highly skilled team at Howard Agency come from a variety of backgrounds – including ex-military and police officers. This means that not only does the team hold a very comprehensive skill set, but that we can ensure the right person is assigned to any case, depending on individual circumstances and needs. 

Intelligence can be gathered regarding the lifestyle and profile of a subject, their daily routines and specific details relating to the investigation. We supply a documented report, supported by images and video and can include information on third parties the subject interacts with.

What’s more, Howard Agency is a long-standing member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI), and you are therefore guaranteed professionalism, discretion and most importantly, confidentiality, at all times.

Trusted and Experience Private Investigators Based in London

Based in London, Howard Agency has the resources and capabilities in most international jurisdictions, offering a network of professional agents to manage investigation and surveillance services reliably, effectively and with complete confidentiality.

With almost 30 years experience, the team at Howard Agency guarantees professionalism, discretion and confidentiality at all times.

We are committed to providing our clients with an exceptional level of legal support and investigation services. We always aim to deliver positive results. To learn more about us, get in touch today for a no obligation call.