The main purposes of surveillance investigations

Sometimes, the only way to gain the vital evidence that you might need is through instructing a surveillance investigator to gather information.

But, what are the main purposes of surveillance investigations and what do they entail? Surveillance or a surveillance investigation involves continuous monitoring of a person, a place, or an object to determine its whereabouts.

Why choose surveillance?

Professional surveillance can be time-consuming, however, in the result of legal proceedings, any evidence gathered through a surveillance investigation can be the difference between proving and disproving a case.

Surveillance Services can be used to:

Prevent future crime
Gain evidence of a crime that’s already been committed
Document an individual’s location
Document activities in a location
Gather information to be used within court

Many members of the team at Howard Agency have backgrounds within the police or military, and all have extensive experience of using modern, professional surveillance techniques and practices. This is a key element of successful surveillance investigation, as many findings can be missed due to an untrained eye.

The main purposes of surveillance

The main purpose of a surveillance investigation can differ greatly depending on the type of investigation and the reason for carrying it out in the first place.

Just some of the reasons someone might contact Howard Agency for surveillance are:

Missing person searches
Cheating partner / spouse suspicions
Criminal investigations
Fraud investigations
Vandalism cases
Recurrent theft investigations
Worker compensation cases

In the majority of surveillance cases, investigators will accurately document the whereabouts and activities of a person for a specific length of time.

Throughout an investigation, surveillance may involve documenting a person’s daily routine and any places that they may travel to, along with any people that they may convene with. Alternatively, it could involve following a person in the hopes that they will lead the investigation to a specific person or location, and therefore help to provide further evidence.

In need of surveillance?

With almost 30 years experience, the team at Howard Agency are experts in carrying out surveillance investigations. If you’d like help with surveillance or have questions about what an investigation entails, please get in touch with us today for a no obligation call.