Surveillance services typically consist of working closely with businesses, lawyers or individuals on private investigation assignments. Most work is conducted on foot, by vehicle, or from a fixed location, such as a building. Generally, this involves the collection of confidential and sensitive data, therefore imperative that the agency you chose to work with follow the data protection principles, rights and obligations set out in GDPR.

As an established agency, we have to be meticulous about the details of each case that we take on board, making sure that we have factored in all the considerations before we can accept a case and ensuring we follow the correct guidelines. There are several stages undertaken when considering a surveillance case.

Is it legal, ethical and moral?

We deal with a diverse range of clients each day, most have genuine needs for our services. But sometimes there may be less genuine motives for surveillance services. If these cases come into conflict with the law or go against our code of conduct, we will always decline the project. Good surveillance should be professionally undertaken.


Before commencing any investigation, GDPR demands a valid and lawful basis in order to collect and process personal data. All new cases must be fully assessed to ensure these requirements are met. Any data collected must be relevant to the investigation and cannot be overly intrusive or inquire into unnecessary or irrelevant details.


Scheduling of the surveillance project requires a lot of trust between the client and the agency. We work together with our clients to determine the best days and hours that the surveillance should be conducted. This opens up the lines of communication and makes sure our schedule and strategy is completely transparent to our clients.

The work

Once we have all the information we need and have finalised the scheduling, we will commence with the work. We use the latest techniques and equipment to aid in our surveillance services. Many of our team members have a police or military background, and experience using modern, professional surveillance techniques and practices.

Final case report

Once our surveillance services are complete, we provide our clients with a thorough final report prepared in a format that is acceptable as legal evidence. It will contain operative logs, commentaries, activities, findings and all the relevant time and date stamped video and photographic evidence where applicable. Upon delivery of the final case report, all data and information are promptly destroyed, unless there is a legal or personal reason not to do so. In this case, it will then be kept on a secure password encrypted server to achieve maximum security and keep the data safe.

With over twenty-four years of surveillance experience, we have managed small, medium and large projects across the globe, gaining a reputation of excellence. If you want to know more about our surveillance services or have a project you’d like to discuss, please get in contact with us today.