At times, the only path to securing crucial evidence is through commissioning a surveillance investigator. But what exactly does surveillance investigation entail?

They are defined by the observation of a person, place, or object to ascertain its whereabouts and activities. This method is integral to understanding and documenting various aspects of the subject under scrutiny.

Why Opt for Surveillance?

Though time-intensive, professional surveillance is pivotal in legal contexts. Evidence procured through these means can be instrumental in substantiating or refuting a case in court.

Applications of Surveillance Services

Surveillance by Howard Agency is multifaceted and can be utilised to:

  • Deter potential criminal activity.
  • Collect evidence of a crime already committed.
  • Document the whereabouts of an individual.
  • Record activities at a specific location.
  • Accumulate information for legal proceedings.

Our team, comprising individuals with backgrounds in policing and the military, excels in modern surveillance techniques. This expertise is critical, as an untrained eye might overlook key details.

Primary Objectives of Surveillance

The fundamental goal of surveillance varies based on the investigation type and its underlying purpose. Howard Agency conducts surveillance for various reasons, including:

  • Locating missing persons.
  • Investigating suspicions of infidelity.
  • Criminal and fraud investigations.
  • Addressing vandalism and recurrent theft.
  • Worker compensation cases.

Typically, surveillance involves detailed documentation of a person’s movements and interactions over a set period.

Surveillance Methodology

The approach can vary – from monitoring daily routines and travel patterns to following an individual in hopes of uncovering further leads. Each method is chosen to maximize the likelihood of uncovering relevant evidence.

In Need of Surveillance Expertise?

Boasting three decades of experience, Howard Agency excels in surveillance investigations. If you require surveillance services or have queries about the process, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation. Our team is ready to provide the expertise and support you need.